Crochet and Knitting Wool and Knitting Yarns in wonderful natural fibres, alpaca, merino, silk and more from Artesano Yarns

Artesano knitting yarns and knitting wools are all made using soft natural fibres, we also specialise in crochet yarns and crochet wools for every occasion. On this page you can find links to our full ranges of 4 ply, double knitting, aran and lace yarns and wools

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Crochet and Knitting Wool and Yarn, Weaving Wool and Yarn and Felting Wool and Yarn from Artesano Yarns

Knitting wool and knitting yarn, crochet wool and crochet yarn with fibre sourced worldwide. Knitting and crochet, felting and weaving are tactile crafts, that you spend so much time doing, and we know that most knitters and crocheters prefer to use luxury fibres such as alpaca, merino and silk. Many of our yarns are also very popular for weaving and for felting as they are made using natural fibres. Why buy cheap wool or yarn when you can buy good quality natural wool and yarn often for the same prices from Artesano. 
We sell our products directly, so our prices are better value, more affordable, but you can knit using the softest premium wools and yarns. Whether you are a beginner, learning how to knit or crochet, or are an intermediate knitter or crocheter or advanced, we have a wool or yarn to suit your needs. Don't miss out on our knitting and crocheting classes either. you can join us in Berkshire for one of our Artesano Academy classes. Many of our prices for soft natural yarns are the same as other knitting suppliers acrylic or synthetic yarns and wools. Imagine being able to buy natural yarns for the same price!  We really are more affordable than most. 

Alpaca Wool or Alpaca Yarn? Actually you can use both names, but yarn is correct as wool officially comes from a sheep and we don't want to upset the sheep! Our yarns are all made using fantastic quality fibres and we specialise in alpaca wool, silk blends, merino wools and peruvian highland wool. We look forward to introducing many more yarns and wools for every occasion over the next few years, so please come back to see what we have from time to time. You can also join our newsletter list if you want to receive special offers. Yarns are broken down into weight categories, which you can see below. Lace weight yarns, 4ply yarns, Double Knit Yarns and Aran yarns.

Our colour packs are designed to inspire you. We put suggested yarn colours together and you do the rest, whether it is a knitting project, a crocheted project or another art and craft like weaving or felting. We will put together new and seasonal colours packs regularly, so please visit this section from time to time to see what new possibilities we have for you.